Who do you know in Ontario’s new government?

For 15 years, you’ve been developing relationships with the Liberal government of Ontario. You’ve been learning who makes the decisions and how. Your work may or may not have borne fruit, you may or may not have sought out and retained professional advice and assistance in facilitating those relationships. Now, the Liberal government is gone.

You’re starting over.

Incoming Premier Doug Ford is not your typical PC Leader.

A brand-new, largely inexperienced Progressive Conservative government is about to be formed. New ministers will be appointed. New priorities will emerge. New metrics will be instituted.

Who do you know in this new government? What do you know about their priorities, values, perspectives? How will they make decisions? What’s important to them? How do they think? Do your professional advisors know anyone in, or anything about, the new administration?

Making matters more complicated, the new Premier is a maverick. He’s not your typical PC leader. He’s a populist. He’s blunt. He’s focused on quick action that delivers real results people can see and feel. His motivations are different. He was a political outsider – and has no establishment IOU’s to repay.

What do you do?

Well, a good place to start is to sit down with someone who understands the new government’s priorities, the premier and his cabinet ministers. Someone who understands how they think, what they want, and where they’re headed.

A good choice would be someone who’s worked within the new, revitalized PC Party – and who’s worked personally with the new premier. Mark Towhey, who heads up our Leadership Counsel practice, has done both. As Executive Director for Patrick Brown’s 2015 leadership campaign, he helped build the new PC Party of Ontario. As Chief of Staff to the late Toronto Mayor Rob Ford, he worked up close with his brother Doug Ford – Ontario’s incoming premier.

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