Crisis Leadership

We help clients plan for, prevent and lead their organizations through crises

In addition to experience managing communication-centric reputational crises, we have particular experience managing “disaster” crises where loss of life or personal injury have occurred or are likely to. Our consultants include former military crisis managers who have worked around the world in disaster and combat zones, as well as alongside police and other emergency services.

We provide crisis management planning assistance, client training and issues-avoidance counsel before a crisis occurs.  We also provide “front-line” support during a crisis, when one does occur.  Our team includes the crisis management experts who created the C.A.P.E.R. Crisis ManagementTM Method and who have developed crisis management plans, doctrine and training programs for:   the Canadian Department of National Defence, Royal Canadian Mounted Police, UN Peacekeeping forces, Search and Rescue, Canada Trust and Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce.

Our Crisis Management services are broadly grouped into three major areas:

  • Pre-Planning
    • Crisis Plan Review
    • Crisis Plan Audit
    • Third Call TM
    • Customized assessment and pre-planning services
    • Backplanning exercises
    • Scenario Analysis & Testing
    • After-Action Review facilitation and report development
  • Training
    • Third Call
    • C.A.P.E.R. Crisis Management Framework
    • Exercise planning and management
  • Operations
    • Third Call
    • C.R.O.S.S. Team  Crisis Response On-Site Support Team
    • ROCC: Remote Operations Coordination Center