Crisis Leadership: US-based University network

Case Study in Crisis Leadership

document.write(" Geneva, Arial, Helvetica, SunSans-Regular, sans-serif; font-size: small;">A large multi-campus university network in the southern U.S. faced a number of potential crisis concerns. With more than a dozen campuses situated in the heart of the hurrican belt, major storms were a frequent cause of business disruption and major damage. Other concerns included the potential for criminal attacks, i.e. "campus shooters" as well as routine concerns about potential reputational issues.

Our consultant initially delivered a fully customized two-day executive training session to C-Level managers, designed to provide them with an overview of crisis leadership issues and best practices and to facilitate a practical, focused discussion of issues, risks and potential business impacts. Following this session, our consultant worked closely with the client's newly appointed director of crisis management to help develop a comprehensive all-risks crisis management framework and corporate plan.

The client now has crisis management teams in place at the corporate cand campus level, and invested in training and technology to better enable it to manage effectively through any type of crisis.

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