Unique service for business & political leaders

Ballacaine today launched a unique new service for business and political leaders. Whether you’re a CEO, a Board Chair or an elected official – or would like to be – our senior, trusted advisors can assist you with confidential, experience-based advice you can count on when it’s needed most. Our trusted advisors have been there and done […]

When is a disaster a crisis?

Crisis leaders understand uncertainty of outcome is key to success by G. Mark Towhey At 40, 000 feet and traveling 640 kilometers per hour, if you fall out of an airplane without a parachute it is not a crisis.  It’s depressing, probably horrifying.  It might be a tragedy.  It certainly is going to become messy.  […]

Crisis! Now what?

How to develop a crisis management plan By G. Mark Towhey © 2006 G. Mark Towhey. All rights reserved. Originally published in PETBIZ magazine,  Mar. 2006. For reprint permission contact info@ballacaine.com. Picture this: It is 4 a.m., your telephone rings and the police are on the line. The business next to yours is ablaze and the fire department […]

6 Steps to Take Right Now

Originally published September 11, 2001 By G. Mark Towhey © 2001 G. Mark Towhey. All rights reserved. Originally published at 11:20 AM on Sep. 11, 2001. For reprint permission contact info@ballacaine.com 1. Review your emergency plan. If you don’t have an emergency plan, immediately make a quick plan. 2. Understand that no plan can possibly anticipate […]