Unique service for business & political leaders

Ballacaine today launched a unique new service for business and political leaders. Whether you’re a CEO, a Board Chair or an elected official – or would like to be – our senior, trusted advisors can assist you with confidential, experience-based advice you can count on when it’s needed most.

Our trusted advisors have been there and done that. They work discreetly with business and political leaders to help them address their most difficult challenges, overcome obstacles and achieve incredible successes.

They’ve led organizations ranging in size from dozens of people to tens of thousands, often under extremely difficult and unforgiving circumstances. They’ve built, inspired and led successful teams in the business, corporate, entrepreneurial, public, military, law enforcement, domestic, international and political sectors. They’ve worked with CEOs, senior executives, Board Chairs, Directors, Ministers, Deputy Ministers and political leaders to provide essential assistance and trusted, experience-based advice when it’s needed most.

Our Leadership Counsel practice is led by Mark Towhey, a senior leader with over 30 years experience solving challenging problems, developing and leading exceptional teams, and succeeding against long odds – often under dangerous and/or extreme circumstances.

Mark helped the United Nations wrangle its own bureaucracy to deliver a successful training program for Border Police in Afghanistan; he helped design and execute a brilliant campaign to elect a black horse candidate as mayor of North America’s fourth largest city; he helped execute a come-from-behind campaign for an almost unknown political outsider who became the leader of the official opposition in Ontario’s legislature. He holds an MBA from the Richard Ivey School of Business at Western University and is a Certified Management Consultant. He is based in our office in Toronto.

If you or your board could use someone to bounce ideas off, share concerns with, or provide confidential expert advice on any business or political matter, contact us today.

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