10 Questions every business leader should ask:

2. Do you know how to contact all your employees at 9 pm on a holiday Friday?

3. If a broken water main shut down your telephone and Internet systems for six days, what would you do?

4. Will your employees show up for work in an emergency?  Or, will they stay home to care for their families?

5. Do your HR policies encourage potentially infectious employees to come towork when sick?

6. If a TV news crew “ambushed” you outside your office with accusations of wrongdoing would you know what to do?

7. If angry customers began organizing on the Internet, how soon would you know?  What would you do?

8. If your top executives were killed in an accident, who could take over right now?

9. If your key business partner or supplier suffered a catastrophe, how would you find out?  How would you manage?

10. What can you do today to improve your ability to manage through crisis?

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